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Our goal is to see more people read no, study, apply knowledge for Allah's sake, become better people, and be counted among the believers.

The Noble Life of The Prophet (pbuh) 3 vol book set
#1 Recommended By The Islamic Book Cafe

Repeat What The Prophet(PBUH) & Companions Did.

When establishing a firm way of life, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) established an ideal methodology for educating his companions. He (PBUH) first began instilling correct beliefs into the hearts of his companions. The companions had to learn how to endure hardships patiently. The companions did their part by trying their utmost to learn from the Prophet (PBUH) and following his instructions to the letter, so much so that if one of them could not spend a given day with the Messenger (PBUH), he would send someone in his place.

We encourage you to do the same as the companions did. Seek knowledge with an open heart and seriousness more than anything else in this world. The Noble Life of The Prophet (PBUH) will give you a great foundation, and it will help you understand your deen, which is why we recommend this book.

Let Us Work Together In Building A Better Character

Allah ﷻ says, “It is He who raised up among the unlettered [Arabs] a Messenger from them to recite His verses to them and purify them and teach them the Book and Wisdom, even though before that they were clearly misguided.” (Soorat Al-Jumu‛ah, 62:2)

Books To Help Build Character

For you like the characteristics of a person, then imitate him, and you will be what you have liked. For there is no barrier before generosity and good morals if you come to them. (Ibn al-Jawzi - Disciplining The Soul)

Seek Knowledge Through Dua

Allah is the source of all knowledge. We should remember that because in every salat we ask for guidance. Allah says that he feels shy to let his servants hands go empty after he has asked of Him.


Trust Allah Will Help You

After asking Allah to help guide you in knowledge, trust in how Allah decides to guide you. Allah may give you understanding through a book, and it may come through people or experiences. Your job is to pay attention and trust Allah.

About The Islamic Book Cafe

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Who we are

We are students of knowledge. We do not hold any titles such as Imam, Sheikh, or Scholar. We love to read, apply, and share (not teach). The Islamic Book Cafe is a husband and wife project. We do not represent a sect or a madhab. We do hold our own opinions, but we refrain from judgment as that is not our place. We want to engage in beneficial conversations that we can all grow together.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal here at The Islamic Book Cafe is to see more people benefiting from their own studies. We introduce books that will help build character. We want to help people understand that they can learn on their own as well as with others. Allah is the ultimate guide and dispenser of knowledge and understanding.

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