Reading Quran Book | A Step-By-Step Guide To Qur'anic Fluency

Reading Quran Book | A Step-By-Step Guide To Qur'anic Fluency Plus Free Arabic Quran

Every Muslim should have a deep desire to read the Quran in its original language, Arabic, as it was revealed to the prophet, peace be upon him, word-for-word from Allah. 

That is why we at The Islamic Book Cafe has decided to offer a free Uthmani script Arabic Quran when you purchase The Reading Quran Book, A step-by-step Guide to Quranic Fluency.

The author, Sara R Ahmed, says, "If you read Reading Quran Book 15 minutes a day, for four days a week, for six months, you can be ready to read the Quran." Insha Allah.

The author, has developed this book for adults and children alike. So you as a parent can learn, teach your child, all from the comfort of your home. 

The book includes QR codes that will lead you to training videos and if you need extra help you can schedule a session with the Author who has received an ijaza.

For more details about the Reading Quran Book, visit the product page HERE


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