Trials and tribulations - Wisdom and Benefits
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Trials and tribulations - Wisdom and Benefits

Shaykh Al-Islam, Al-Hafiz Ibn Al-Qayyim said:

Complete felicity is to be found in the True Religion, by implementing it in speech and deed. Those who follow this religion are the one who attains this felicity as Allah, Exalted is He says,

Guide us to the Straight Path; the path of those whom You have favored; not [the path] of those portion is anger nor those who have gone astray. [al-Fatihah 1:6-7]

...They are the people guided by their Lord, They are the successful. [al-Baqarah 2:5]

More than one person has said to me, 'when I repent to Him and work righteous deeds, He restricts my provision and makes life difficult. When I return to sin and submit to my lusts, provision and ease come freely to me.'

These false thoughts and statements are built upon two foundations:

The first: the servants thinking well of himself and his religious practice, his believing the he has fulfilled what is obligatory upon him to do and leave what is prohibited for him to do; all of this coupled wit h the belief that his enemy or opponent has not done this, believing that he himself is more deserving of Allah and his Messenger than he.

The second: his belief that Allah, Glorious is He, could quite possibly not aid the follower of the True Religion and not appoint for him any sort of success in this world, instead having him live a life of subjugation and oppression, this despite his establishing what Allah has commanded of him; inwardly and outwardly.

This is a book excerpt from Trials and Tribulations
By: Imam ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
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