Don't Be Sad: Remember That You Believe In Allah
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Don't Be Sad: Remember That You Believe In Allah

Dr. A'id al-Qarni says in Don't be sad under the subheading, Don't be sad: Remember that you believe in Allah, on pg. 183:

Nay, but Allah has conferred a favor upon you, that He has guided you to faith... (Qur'an 49:17)Β 

One particular blessing overlooked by most people is the vantage point afforded to the believer when he is observing the disbeliever. who rebels, denies His signs, disbelieves in His perfect attributes, in His messengers, and in the Hereafter.

Furthermore, the believer performs all obligatory acts of worship. perhaps his execution of those acts is not perfect, yet simply performing them is in itself a great blessing. It is a blessing for which few are grateful.

Is then he who is a believer like him who is Fasiq [disbeliever and disobedient to Allah]? Not equal are they. (Qur'an 32:18)

Some commentators of the Qur'an have said that among the pleasures of Paradise for the believers is to be able to look upon the people of the Fire and then thank their Lord for what He has given them.

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