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Minhaj Al-Muslim
Minhaj Al-Muslim | A Book of Creed, Manners, Character, Acts of Worship and Other Deeds



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Minhaj Al-Muslim | A Book of Creed, Manners, Character, Acts of Worship and Other Deeds


Minhaj Al- Muslim is an excellent introduction for every Muslim to understanding creed, manners, character, acts of worship, and other deeds. Minhaj Al-Muslim is a book of fiqh and more. The author incorporated rulings from all four schools of thought that relate closest to the Qur’an and sunnah so you, the reader, can have a balanced, unbiased view of the path of the Muslims and how they should practice Al-Islam.

10 in stock

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From The Author of Minhaj Al-Muslim

Praise is to Allah, Lord of all that exists and the God of those who passed away and those to come. Prayers, peace, and blessings are upon the elite of His creation, the last of His Prophets. and Messengers, our master Muhammad, his pure family, and his Companions. May Allah the Almighty show mercy at those who followed them till the Day of Judgement. To proceed:

There was a request made of me from some righteous brothers in the city of Wujdah during my visits to the Islamic lands of Al-Maghrib. These visits were for the purpose of inviting people to adhere to the Book of Allah the Almighty and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah since they are the only way to salvation and the source of strength and welfare for the people. The brothers asked me to compose a book for the righteous believing youth there as well as the Muslims in the general area, to serve as a law or a statute for them. It should comprise all that concerns the righteous Muslim regarding his creed, manners, providing direction for righteous character and acts of worship, and dealings with his colleagues. This book should be based on the light of the Book of Allah the Almighty and the guidance of the Messenger of Allah (S).

I responded to the righteous brothers’ request, seeking help from Allah to compose the requested Minhaj. From the first day of my return to the Holy Land (Makkah and Al-Madinah), I started composing, revising, and correcting it. Despite my limited spare time and the great responsibilities I bear, Allah the Almighty has blessed the few hours I managed to steal (save) from my days pocket filled with concerns and preoccupation. Only two years had passed since my start, and the book was composed exactly as I hoped and as the brothers requested.

Here is the book that I submit to the righteous of the Muslim brothers in every place. Were I, not its author, I would describe it in a way that heightens its value and increases its demand and acceptance by the readers. But it is sufficient for me to say that it is a book that no Muslim house should be without.

As for the topics related to Fiqh, the acts of worship, and other dealings, I spared no effort in investigating and searching for the soundest opinion of the eminent scholars such as Imams Abu Hanifah, Malik, Ash Shafl’i, and Ahmad, may Allah have mercy on them all, when there was no conclusive text or apparent proof from the Book of Allah the Almighty and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (S) for a topic.

For this reason, I have not the least doubt that he who behaves in accordance with the rulings of this Minhaj either in the subjects of creed, Fiqh, manners, or character, actually behaves in accordance with the Shari’ah of Allah the Almighty and with the guidance of His Messenger (S).

Whenever I chose the opinion of a particular Imam on a matter of Fiqh, I spared no effort in checking the various and numerous sources and weighing the different opinions of the well-known scholars.

Out of my hope that the righteous Muslim brothers should have one way in which their efforts could be unified, their motivation, and their response be united, I was compelled to take such a difficult task under which I bore heavy burdens, and praise is to Allah the Almighty Who enabled and helped me to achieve that goal.

I complain to Allah the Almighty, my Lord, about every person who may say that I have innovated an innovation in this work or I have introduced a tenet contradicting the Muslims.

I pray unto Him against anyone who tries to detract the righteous of this nation from the way or from that Minhaj to which I have invited the people because I am well aware that I have not deviated, intentionally or unintentionally, even a hair from the Book of Allah the Almighty, the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (S), nor from the sound opinions of the Imams of Islam and the millions of the Muslims who followed them.

I have no objective except that the Muslims be gathered via the shortest route after their separation and dissipation.

O, Allah! The Protector of the believers and the Supporter of the righteous, accept my effort in this Minhaj and make it right and accepted, and reward me for my efforts, and make it beneficial to him who adheres to it and behaved in accordance with it. And O Allah! Guide therewith of your worshippers whom you see deserving of your guidance; you and only You are the One Able. And prayers and peace be
upon our Messenger Muhammad (S).

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Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jaza'iry




Volume 1 – 496
Volume 2 – 566






9960-899-57-8 (vol.1)
9960-899-58-6 (vol.2)



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