The Islamic Book Cafe Welcomes You

The Islamic Book Cafe Welcomes You

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bookThe Islamic book cafe is the only online Islamic bookstore giving you a reason to read again. With the new launch of our website, we will be looking forward to your interactions. Our goal is to create a safe space where you can increase your knowledge about Islam and research topics that are of interest to you.
Our blog can be found on The Islamic Book Cafe. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the most up to date information. We will be posting blogs daily and will need your interaction and inputs to build a community. If you want to be a guest blogger reach out to us. This is an old approach to acquiring new knowledge in this ever changing world.   

Seek (beneficial) knowledge,because seeking it for the sake of Allah is a worship. And knowing it makes you more God-fearing; and searching for it is jihad,teaching it to those who do not know is charity,reviewing and learning it more is like tasbeeh. Through knowledge Allah will be known and worshiped.”

-Ibn Taymiyyah

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