Minhaj Al-Muslim: The Way of the Muslim

Minhaj Al-Muslim: The Way of the Muslim

by The Islamic Book Cafe on Nov 14, 2022

Since the beginning of Islam, people have tried to portray Islam and Muslims in a way that doesn’t come close to the natural way of a Muslim. What is more interesting, the more negative connotations that people put on Muslims, the more people accept Islam. You, as a non-Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Atheist, or Muslim, should ask yourself, why? Why do so many people accept the religion of Islam?

The answer to why so many people accept Islam is because, throughout history, people have noticed the character of Muslims practicing Muslims. Another reason is the belief system. Islam is not confusing, Islam is easy to understand, and Islam is easy to practice.

In the book Minhaj Al-Muslim, the author (Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jaza, Iry) lays out what Muslims believe, the type of character and etiquette a Muslim should have, and how to practice the religion

If you really want to learn about Muslims, what we believe, and the true character of a Muslim, I think this book is a great place to start. Minhaj Al-Muslim is a two-volume set but not at all exhaustive. It’s easy to read, just like all of Dar-us-Salam are. Two other books you should read alongside this set are When The Moon Split (a biography of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, and Riyad-us-Saliheen.)

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