Knowledge Is Better For You

It was said: “O Kamil, knowledge is better than wealth. Knowledge guards you but you are guarding wealth. Knowledge dispenses justice while wealth seeks justice. Wealth decreases with expense while knowledge increases with expense. Ali said: A learned man is better than one who prays and fights in the way of of Allah. When a learned man dies, such a calamity befalls on Islam which cannot be removed except by his succession.”

Knowledge is the most noble thing to strive for in this dunya, we are all guilty of trying to achieve a better life by pursuing high pay and material possessions, but the problem is these things deplete. The only time knowledge is lost is when Allah removes it and when the learned die.

It is time we seek knowledge so we are not swayed by the ideas of misguided individuals or deeply distraught over a political election that does not attempt to establish the will of Allah and tawheed on this earth. Knowledge is the key, the key towards success with Allah. Change begins through knowledge, shared knowledge.
Many of the problems we have today is because we only listen to man without researching and then pass on that misguided information to others who do the same. How about we do things differently now. Pick up a book, read it, then research the contents of the book along with it’s author so you know it’s truthfulness before passing it on. This is how we improve our society along with ourselves. People are held accountable and wealth is no longer able to sway us.

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  • Nov 14, 2016
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