Intro to The Noble Life Of The Prophet (PBUH) Book Set

The Noble Life of The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) 3 Volume Set

By: Dr Ali Muhammad As-Sallaabee

An Introduction

Some of the most notable books on the life of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) are ‘When The Moon Split’ and ‘The Sealed Nectar’. The Islamic Book Cafe would like to introduce a more detailed version that offers more insight so that everyone who reads The Noble Life of The Prophet (Peace Be Upon him) can benefit from an excellent book that has not received the attention it should have. This three volume set (2024 pages) was first Published October 2005 by Dar-Us-Salam in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

As does other versions of the biography of Prophet Muhammad, The Noble Life of The Prophet (Peace Be Upon him) begins with key events that happened before Islam, moves to when revelation descended and secret preaching began, and continues to open preaching. This book was written in chronological order and offers  lessons, morals, and reasoning pertaining to the events that are illustrated by Dr Ali Muhammad As-Sallaabee.

A lot of questions that the Muslim and non-Muslim usually ask are answered and should insha'Allah (Allah Willing) give you a good understanding of this beautiful way of life that was sent down by Allah. The Noble Life of The Prophet (Peace Be Upon him) is an easy read for everyone and should be approached with an open mind ready to learn so you can develop an understanding of Islam and the people who first carried it. This three volume set should be used as a study guide along with the Quran and authentic hadiths.

Introduction page of the book

In upcoming articles pertaining to The Noble Life of The Prophet (Peace Be Upon him) I will  choose sections of the book to write about so that we can engage, learn, and inspire. I highly encourage you to purchase this wonderful book and join in the discussions. I also invite you to write your own review and even articles so that we can see the similarities in thinking as well as differences. Remember our differences can help challenge, expand and grow. You will also see instances of this sort within the pages of this wonderful book.

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