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Alif - Alif is the first letter of Arabic Alphabet. Each letter of the Arabic alphabet, according to Hisab al-Jummal (mode of Reckoning numbers by letters of the alphabet) has a definite numerical value. According to this system of reckoning the value of Alif is 1.

The letter Alif is very comprehensive so I will not list the full definition in this post but I will spread it out along. The definitions you find in this section of The islamic Book Cafe's blog derives from Dictionary of The Holy Quran (Arabic-English). Studying this dictionary will help you keep the Qur'an in its proper perspective as you are reading and reciting. While reading the Qur'an in English you will be able to understand why the translator used a particular word in his/her translation.

I pray that you find our effort beneficial as you study the Qur'an insha Allah.    

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