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Reliance of Allah Valuing the blessings

Sometimes we look back on our lives and see in hindsight that we were protected from a situation. that prevented us from doing something or receiving something we desire. Of course, we were upset, but it turned out to be a blessing.

Al-Fattah is one of the 99 names of Allah, meaning the opener. Allah is the opener of all things. We look at closed doors as unfavorable when closed doors are protections. We may not know the full scale of what we are asking, or our wants may be dangerous to our souls, well-being, and those who love us. Unanswered duas are always answered duas. Our goal is to get to the acceptable and gratefulness of whatever is decreed upon us.

Let’s take an example.

Say we applied for a university. We have acceptable grades; we did everything we needed to get accepted; we made our prayers and asked Allah. But in the end, we got rejected from the school. Of course, we can get upset and angry. But in the future, we have to remember Allah is the one who allows us what we desire or gives up something better. Now we look back on the rejection and see all the other blessings we got instead. Maybe Allah was protecting us from in that school, distance from family. Etc. We have to learn to accept and then be able to look back and learn from our experiences.

We turn to Allah for help but are we open to the service. Are we open to receiving whatever Allah has blessed us with? How do we change our mindset to putting Allah first and foremost in our lives?

Here are three steps to change our mindset.

1. Allah, our guide. We plan, but his plans are more sufficient than anything we can even imagine.

2. Be open to the blessings. No matter if we think we know it is good or bad for us. Allah knows what is best for us.

3. Get out of our feelings. We feel instead of think. We need to be logical instead of emotional in our acceptance. Shaytans’ way to get us is to use our emotions to get in the way of accepting away. We want to control; we need to live in a way open to accepting anything that comes our way.

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